Environmental Impact Assessment, Basic Assessment & Other Statutory Environmental Processes.

Holland & Associates undertake the full suite of environmentally aligned regulatory processes.  Within South Africa, we have particular expertise in undertaking processes in accordance with the requirements of the Regulations published in terms of the National Environmental Management Act (NEMA) (Act 107 of 1998, as amended) as well as other related environmental legislation.   We undertake Scoping and Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA’s), Basic Assessments, Site Sensitivity Verification, Applications for the Amendment of Environmental Authorizations, as well as applications for the rectification of unlawful activities in terms of Section 24G of NEMA. International work is undertaken in accordance with the relevant jurisdictions domestic environmental legislation, and/or relevant financial institution requirements.

Holland & Associates have extensive experience in managing a wide variety of Environmental Assessment processes including renewable energy facilities, transmission lines and electrical infrastructure, large scale water infrastructure projects (including dams), irrigation and agricultural expansion projects, timber treatment facilities, housing, resort, and commercial developments, educational facilities, new roads and road upgrades, public transport interchanges, pipelines, and municipal waste sites, among others.

Environmental Management Plans & Programmes (EMPr), Environmental Monitoring and Environmental Control Officer (ECO) Work.

Holland & Associates compile and produce Environmental Management Programmes (EMPr’s) for a wide variety of development projects, as well as undertaking Applications for Amendment of EMPr’s.  South African work is undertaken in compliance with the requirements of the EIA Regulations published in terms of the National Environmental Management Act (NEMA) (Act 107 of 1998, as amended).  International work is undertaken in accordance with the relevant jurisdictions domestic environmental legislation, as well as global best practice.  We also compile Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMP’s) and Operational Environmental Management Plans (OEMP’s) for development projects, as well as Green Star SA compliant Environmental Management Plans for development projects targeting Green Star SA ratings, with the Green Building Council.

Holland & Associates undertakes independent auditing of OEMPs and EMPs when required and offer Environmental Control Officer (ECO) and Environmental Site Officer (ESO) services for the environmental monitoring of construction projects.

Avifaunal Impact Assessments; Avifaunal Feasibility Studies and Bird Specialist Reports

Holland & Associates offer specialist avifaunal services, including Avifaunal Impact Assessments, Avifaunal Feasibility Studies, Avifaunal Monitoring and nest searches, and Bird Specialist Reports. Ms Anja Albertyn (Pr Sci.Nat) is Holland & Associates in-house avifaunal specialist and has been involved in bird monitoring activities since 2004 and has acted as a lead specialist for Avifaunal Impact Assessments, Avifaunal Feasibility Studies and Bird Specialist Reports on a large number of projects. Anja also has 8 published scientific papers in the field of Avian monitoring, to date, and is a credible and recognized expert in this field. Anja is a registered Professional Natural Scientist with the South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions (SACNASP) and is also a selected member of the BirdLifeSA Birds and Renewable Energy Specialist Group (BARESG).

Ms Albertyn is assisted by Dr Miqkayla Stofberg (Ph.D.), a biological scientist specialising in ornithology, who holds a Ph.D. from the FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology at the University of Cape Town.  In addition, Holland & Associates also have a reputable and highly experienced avifauna observer team, who assist with field data collection for large scale projects.

Public Participation

Public Participation is a process by which potential Interested and Affected Parties (I&APs) are given an opportunity to comment on, or raise issues relevant to, an application for Environmental Authorisation (EA) or other statutory environmental processes (e.g. an application for amendment of an EA or EMPr).  Public Participation is, however, an imperative imposed by all South African post-constitutional legislative processes, and is therefore not limited to environmental legislation.

Holland & Associates run robust and defendable public participation processes in accordance with the relevant legal requirements, as well as established global best practice.

Environmental Risk Assessment / Environmental Due Diligence Investigations / Site Sensitivity Verification

South African environmental law consists of a plethora of environmentally related statutes, many of which place onerous responsibilities on landowners and developers.  It is therefore important that prudent landowners and developers appraise themselves of any environmentally related obligations and risk factors associated with current or future projects or acquisitions.

Holland and Associates offer Environmental Risk Assessment and Due Diligence Environmental Investigations, as well as Site Sensitivity Verification processes, which can be tailored to meet specific client needs. Our reporting can include both risk identification as well as risk mitigation advice, as well as the identification of the full suite of applicable environmental obligations, relevant to a particular development, or operational scenario.

Environmental Education

Holland & Associates undertake environmental education in the context of construction projects, industry, as well as academic institutions.

Holland & Associates has extensive experience in undertaking environmental education within both the construction and film industry. Ross Holland also lectures various aspects of Environmental Management at academic institutions including the University of Cape Town, the University of the Western Cape and the Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

Environmental Opportunity and Constraints Analysis & Environmental Planning

Holland & Associates offer pre-development Environmental Opportunity and Constraints Analysis and Environmental Planning services. The incorporation of environmental opportunities and constraints information into the earliest stages of project planning and design, allows for the early identification of potential “red flag” issues that may impact upon project feasibility, as well as the early identification of potential mitigation options and alternatives.  A holistic approach to project planning and design that includes the consideration of environmental opportunities and constraints, assists in aligning development projects with legislated sustainable development goals and enhances the efficiency with which applications for Environmental Authorisation can be undertaken. In our experience, development projects which take account of relevant environmental opportunities and constraints, and internalise them into project design, stand a much greater chance of achieving a positive Environmental Authorisation within a reasonable timeframe, and in complying with relevant finance institution requirements for the funding of projects.

Independent / 3rd Party Review of Environmental Processes

Holland & Associates offer external review services for all environmental assessment processes. Such reviews may be undertaken either as an out-sourced internal review function for other environmental consultancies, or in the role of a specialist independent reviewer where such independent review is either required by law, or is commissioned on behalf of an Interested and Affected Party to a particular application. Holland & Associates are experienced in undertaking both review scenarios.

Soil Erosion Control and Rehabilitation Consulting

Holland & Associates offer consulting advisory services on soil erosion control as well as the rehabilitation of soil erosion. We offer advice and practical solutions in the context of development projects, degraded farm and rangeland and any other context where soil erosion may require control or rehabilitation. Ross Holland’s MSc thesis (2000) was primarily focused on the problems of land degradation and soil erosion, specifically within the semi-arid environment of the Karoo. Ross is also the co-author of a paper published within the journal Catena, which focuses on mechanisms for badland and gully development. Holland & Associates have provided practical soil erosion control advice and supervised the successful implementation of soil erosion control initiatives on a number of construction and agricultural projects.

Green Design/ Green Star SA

Holland & Associates consult on the incorporation of Green Design Initiatives into development projects and can assist project teams in the integration of Green Star objectives and processes into the entire project life cycle. We also compile Green Star SA compliant Environmental Management Plans for development projects targeting Green Star SA ratings. Ross Holland is a Green Star SA accredited professional and has experience as a project team member on Green Star SA registered projects.