(DEA Ref No: 12/12/20/2463/1/AM7)

Mulilo De Aar 2 South (Pty) Ltd (i.e. the Applicant) is applying for an amendment of the Environmental Authorisation (EA) in terms of the National Environmental Management Act (No. 107 of 1998) (NEMA), as amended, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Regulations (2014), as amended, for the proposed wind energy facility (WEF) situated on the eastern plateau (south) near De Aar in the Northern Cape Province.

Proposed project for which Environmental Authorisation has been granted: The approved WEF comprises the construction of approximately 25 – 61 turbines, with a maximum output capacity of 140 MW. Infrastructure associated with the WEF includes permanent hard standings adjacent to each turbine, construction lay down areas, gravel access roads, cabling and transmission lines, and a substation.

Location: Slingers Hoek (Farm No. 2 Remainder of Portion 2, and Remainder); Slingers Hoek (Farm No. 2 Portion 4); Knapdaar (Farm No. 8 Portion 1); Maatjes Fountain (Farm No. 1 Portion 5); Vendussie Kuil (Farm No. 165 Remainder of Portion 2); Vendussie Kuil (Farm No. 165 Portion 11, and Remainder) within the Emthanjeni Local Municipality and Renosterberg Local Municipality in the Northern Cape Province.

Application for amendment of the Environmental Authorisation (EA) in terms of the NEMA (Act No. 107 of 1998) EIA Regulations (2014), as amended: Environmental Authorisation (EA) for the WEF was granted by the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) (now known as the Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries (DEFF)) on 1 March 2013, for Items 10, 11 & 18 of GN R.544; Item 1 of GN R. 545; and Item 14 of GN R.546 in terms of the 2010 EIA Regulations. On 24 July 2014, a further environmental authorisation for the proposed project was granted in respect of Items 13 & 16 of GN 546 by the Northern Cape Department of Environment and Nature Conservation (DENC).

An Application for Amendment of the EA has been submitted to DEFF by the Applicant in terms of the NEMA EIA Regulations (2014), as amended. The Applicant is applying to increase the rotor diameter of the turbines by 5m, i.e. from the approved 160m to a rotor diameter of 165m. The other dimensions of the turbines (e.g. hub height), and generation capacity of the WEF would stay the same (i.e. as authorised). Furthermore, the layout of the WEF would remain as currently authorised.

Holland & Associates Environmental Consultants has been appointed to undertake the EA Amendment Application on behalf of the Applicant, in accordance with the NEMA EIA Regulations (2014), as amended (i.e. in terms of Part 1 of Chapter 5 of GN R982, as amended).

Opportunity to participate:   Interested and Affected Parties (I&APs) are invited to register as I&APs and to provide comment on the proposed Application for Amendment of the EA. Copies of the Application for Amendment of EA are available for review from 27 March 2020 – 28 July 2020, at 19 Van der Merwe Street, De Aar (by appointment (Tel: 083 793 9254)) , and can be downloaded via the link below.

(NOTE: Whilst the original notification to I&APs indicated that the I&AP registration and comment period would be 30 days from 27 March 2020 – 4 March 2020, in light of the timeframe extensions as contemplated in the General Notice issued by the Minister of the Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment in response to the Covid-19 National State of Disaster as declared by the President of the Republic of South Africa, the I&AP registration and comment period for this EA amendment application has been extended by 51 days from 6 June 2020 (in light of Government Notice No. 650 gazetted on Friday 5 June 2020), i.e. the comment period will now end on 28 July 2020.

Should you wish to register as an I&AP, or have any comments, issues or concerns regarding the proposed Application for Amendment of the EA, please submit your comments and/or contact details to Holland & Associates Environmental Consultants by 28 July. Comments are to be submitted in writing via post, e-mail or fax to Ms Nicole Holland of Holland & Associates Environmental Consultants (email:; post: P.O. Box 31108, Tokai, 7966; or fax: 0867626126). Please note that I&APs must provide their comments together with their name, contact details (including their preferred method of notification, e.g. e-mail, post or fax number) and an indication of any direct business, financial, personal or other interest which they have in the application. The DEA (now DEFF) reference number (12/12/20/2463/1/AM7) must be referred to in all correspondence submitted by I&APs.