(DEA&DP Ref No:12/12/20/1721/AM4)

Mulilo Springbok Wind Power (Pty) Ltd (hereafter referred to as the Applicant) is applying for an amendment of the Environmental Authorisation (EA) in terms of the National Environmental Management Act (No. 107 of 1998) (NEMA) and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Regulations (2014), as amended, for the proposed Springbok Wind Energy Facility (WEF) near Springbok in the Northern Cape Province. (The authorised WEF is located approx. 3 km north-east of the town of Springbok on the following farms:  Farm No. 134 Portion 19, Farm No. 134 Portion 17, Farm No. 132 Portion 0 (Remaining Extent), Farm No. 946 Portion 0 (Remaining Extent), Farm No. 215 Portion 0 (Remaining Extent), Farm No. 132 Portion 1 (Remaining Extent), Farm No. 635 Portion 0, Farm No. 133 Portion 9 (Remaining extent).

Environmental Authorisation for the project was granted by the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) on 27 July 2011. The approved WEF comprises 37 turbines, each with a generation capacity of 1.5MW, resulting in an optimal generation capacity of 55.5MW per annum.

Mulilo Springbok Wind Power (Pty) Ltd is now applying for an amendment of the EA, to amend the project description of the proposed WEF (including a reduction in the number of turbines proposed and increase in turbine dimensions and generation capacity of each turbine), updating the contact details of the holder of the EA and project title of the EA, as well as refinements to the proposed layout.

The following amendments to the project description of the project are proposed:

  • Reducing the number of turbines from 37 to a maximum of 25;
  • Increasing the hub heights from 80m to a maximum of 140 m (except for turbines numbers 4, 8, 15 & 16, which would have a maximum hub height of 105m).
  • Increasing the rotor diameters from 88 m to a maximum of 160 m.
  • Increasing the WTG generation capacity per turbine from the approved 1.5MW to encompass a range of 2.0 MW to 4.5 MW.

Holland & Associates Environmental Consultants has been appointed by the Applicant to undertake the requisite Application for Amendment of the Environmental Authorisation for the proposed project, in accordance with the NEMA EIA Regulations (2014), as amended.

Interested and Affected Parties (I&APs) are invited to provide comment on the proposed EA Amendment Application. Copies of the Application for Amendment of the EA and associated Environmental Assessment Report are available to the public for a 30 day comment period (from 30 January – 1 March 2018), and are downloadable via the link below.

Should you have any comments, issues or concerns regarding the proposed project, please provide your comments in writing via post, e-mail or fax to Ms Nicole Holland of Holland & Associates Environmental Consultants (Fax: 086 762 6126, email: or post: PO Box 31108, Tokai, 7966) on or before 1 March 2018. The DEA reference number indicated above must be referred to in all correspondence submitted by I&APs.