BASIC ASSESSMENT PROCESS: (DEA&DP Ref No: E12/2/4/1-B2/30-1125/11) 


Verlorenvlei Investments (Pty) Ltd proposes the construction of a diversion scheme comprising of three weirs and three lined earth/rock channel contour canals (or pipelines) to increase the assured water supply to the Verlorenvlei Dam (completed in 2009) located on the Verlorenvlei Farm, approximately 36 km west of Touws River, and approximately 35 km east of Ceres. The diverted water would be used for irrigation of existing deciduous fruit orchards.

The proposed diversion weirs and earth channel contour canals (or pipelines) would extend across an unnamed tributary in the 4th Kloof on the Farm Laaste Drift No 345, with the canals intended to extend to the catchment (water shed) which supplies the existing Verlorenvlei Farm Dam. The proposed diversion weirs would be between 6m and 10 m long and stand between 1.2m and 1.5 m tall (dependent upon location). Two of the weirs are to be constructed from concrete, while the third is proposed to be constructed of river cobbles and gravel. The proposed canals or pipelines would require a 5m working width, and vary between 280m and 1400 m in length.

The proposed project also requires the amendment in terms of regulation 39(1) of the NEMA EIA regulations, to the conditions of authorization for the existing Verlorenvlei Dam. The Amendment Application is for the deletion of condition 10 of the conditions of authorization for the Verlorenvlei Dam from the Environmental Authorization (EA). Condition 10 reads as follows: “The small tributaries that enter the Smalblaar River about 1 km below the site must not be abstracted from or dammed in future.”

Condition 10 of the EA came about as a result of comments received from Cape Nature Conservation (CNC) during the Environmental Assessment Process for the Verlorenvlei Dam. CNC originally requested a 5 l/s (300l/min) release from the Verlorenvlei dam between May and November each year. This request for a release was subsequently withdrawn, but, as an alternative, abstraction from the Fourth Kloof Stream was prohibited.

The Final BAR and Public Participation Report for the EA Amendment Application have been made available to the public for a 21 day comment period, and are downloadable via the links below.

Should you have any comments, issues or concerns regarding the Final BAR or Public Participation Report for the Application for the Amendment of an Environmental Authorization, please provide your comments in writing to Ross Holland by email, fax or post, on or before 10 October 2012.

Comments are to be submitted in writing via post, e-mail or fax to Mr Ross Holland of Holland & Associates Environmental Consultants (Fax: 086 762 6126, email: or post: PO Box 31108, Tokai, 7966).